Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Determine the Cost of Moving My House?

There are several immediate factors that come into play for cost, such as the dimensions (size, width, height) or whether or not the house is down on the ground or way off the ground, as well as the actual size of the foundation. Our experienced drivers have over forty years experience in the industry 

What Damage Should I Expect?

Very little, if any, when you have a qualified house building mover. Someone who knows the structure of the house and the load bearing. Setting up a house to move is the most important part of the project. This is where experience comes in to play. Transporting your building from one location to another, when done right, should have no effect on the structure itself. 

How Long Does It Take to Move a House or Building?

The answer to that is entirely dependent upon the size, the age, what it is sitting on, location of where it is going, and so on. Not to mention that the weather will also need to be fair for the process to proceed.